Lia yearns for the magic of trees, for freedom from the icy grip of prison, and for the loved ones she believes are lost to her forever. But more importantly, she knows that without her freedom, her people will be doomed from a tyrant king, the rage of war, and the demon’s spell now worming its way inside her . . .

Kelven hides in the slums of Anu, striving for a way to save his beloved Lia and friend Wynn. A kingdom of despots, a city going mad, and deceit lurking in every shadow have become his world, but nothing compares to the nightmare he faces when darkness takes root inside Lia . . .




One can not complain Arms of Anu drags on! This is the second part of a two book series that I started last week and like it’s predecessor the plot takes off right from the get-go. I can appreciate the action in this book but like I noted when I reviewed Arrow of the Mist, the pacing can be a bit off.

There were times I found myself wishing to delve deeper into certain plot points but instead the story  just rushed off to the next leg of the characters journey. For example I would have preferred to have spent less time reading about Lia and Kelven traveling through the countryside and more time on the circumstances in Anu. Finding a new ruler for an entire kingdom can not really be resolved that quickly, can it? Yet the book sometimes has oddly quick resolutions to what should be complex problems. I found this to be even more true than with the previous book.

Perhaps this story would have been better as a three book series. The middle book focusing on Lia and Kelven traveling back to Brume and defeating the evil shade that wants her soul. The final book could delve into the liberation of their country from the tyrant king and the consequences after. I don’t know…..

Pacing issues aside I still very much enjoyed the world and characters Mercer has created in these two books. I think that says something about her ability to world build. She has created a world that kept me coming back for more and I devoured both books in the series in quick succession. I recommend giving these a read!

Book Review: Arms of Anu by Christina Mercer

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