When Princess Kyra’s coach is overturned by bandits, she is forced to flee for her very life during a raging storm. Thankfully, Kyra discovers a castle and is hopeful that the kingdom might give her the shelter she desperately seeks. However, as she approaches, a guard arrives with the matching horse from her carriage, Kyra is frightened all over again and cautiously presents herself as a commoner named Marie.

The queen is not convinced Marie is merely a commoner and commands her son, Prince David, to entertain and woo the girl until the truth comes out. There is intrigue afoot in the kingdom, and the queen is bound and determined to see if this mysterious girl had anything to do with it.

With Prince David gleaning the truth, what could go wrong? No one could have expected him to fall for the bedraggled princess, least of all Kyra!


Let me just start off by saying The Princess and the Pea was not my favorite. This book is another fairy tale retelling by Jenni James. I find that while I love some of her other books (I highly recommend her versions of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella) there are others I just don’t like (I’d say avoid Sleeping Beauty and Hansel and Gretel). She is just hit or miss for me.

Like her other books, The Princess and the Pea is a short and sweet story that is squeaky clean so you can read it with your kids. That part of it I can highly recommend. Yet something about the story just fell flat for me. The characters didn’t grab me and the romance between the prince and princess was kind of rushed.

I also found the plot a bit silly, which might be a funny statement considering it’s based off a fairy tale. But seriously, one conversation between the main characters and the whole thing would have been solved. Stupid decisions lead to stupid outcomes in this book. In the end there is a happy ending though, so there’s that. Read it or don’t I guess but if you enjoy fairy tales then you should consider checking out Jenni James.

Book Review: The Princess and the Pea by Jenni James

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