I have made a recent discovery, high waisted jeans! I use to be horrified at the thought of high waisted pants. I mean when I was in school the trend was low rise, flared leg jeans in a light wash. No one in their right mind would ever wear a high waisted pant and very rarely would you wear a dark jean, let alone a straight leg jean. Yuck! Actually nothing about this outfit would have appealed to 16 year old me. A button up top? Wedge booties? Earth tones?! No way!


How did I stumble upon this discovery? After having my son I’ve had to deal with a changing body that I’m just not always sure how to dress. I have hips where hips never were before. I have a tummy, I have new curves. Up until now I’ve always been a board, flat and straight up and down. It’s honestly been a struggle.


So I’ve been on a quest to find cloths that make me happy. I’ve experimented and tried on cloths I never would have touched before. I have to admit that when I took this particular pair of pants into the dressing room I didn’t expect much. I was super surprised that they felt so good once I had them on. I was even more surprised when I made the decision to buy them. My surprise continued when I got compliments on them my first time wearing them out and was asked where I bought them. Seriously, who knew?


(Here is my not amused face at the lighting.) The lighting was super terrible when the Mister and I were trying to take these photos. There was barely any sunlight left and as a result all the pictures came out grainy and just not great. To top it off the only cameras we really have are on our phones. One of these days we will get a real camera, I promise.

Jeans; Lee classic fit bought at Kohl’s: Shoes; Target: Top; thrifted: Black tank; Target: Necklace; so old I don’t remember




High Waisted

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  • February 6, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    So I noticed high-waist jeans are sliding into a comeback (that was detoured a little by Jessica Simpson) but my girls told me NEVER would they wear them! It struck me as hilarious because I took the same adamant tone with my mom about flared jeans (bell-bottoms). Gotta love fashion among the generations!


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