In my relationship I am the gas pedal and the Mister is the break. Usually I’m full speed ahead, no stops, charge! The Mister usually has to reel me in before I go over the edge into full blown burnout.



But sometimes our roles reverse. Sometimes I’m hesitant to take the plunge. Something scares me or I doubt I can do it and I just can’t seem to hit the gas. In times like those I have the Mister. He gives me the extra little push, or sometimes he drags me kicking and screaming, toward what needs to be done.


He always believes I can do it. He never lets me run away. I don’t always like it but I do need it. (Though I don’t like it when he reminds me I need it. Hahaha!) Seriously, the guy is awesome.


Sweater: Rue21; Jeans: Daisy Fuentes; Scarf: Roxy; Boots: stolen from my mom; Hair accessory: DIY

The Gas Pedal

One thought on “The Gas Pedal

  • January 24, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    So true! It’s reversed for me and mine, and it’s hard to be thankful for the kicking and screaming times, but I am always better for it. You are adorable!


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