It’s a blustery, blustery day. The wind chimes on my back porch have been singing nonstop for two days. It’s probably the one perk of living in a windy area. Oregon has a reputation of forests, mountains and rain but my half of it is a lot of wind and sand. Though it’s not my favorite climate to live in I do love this area. There are lots of farms and space and good people.


Can I just say I love this hat? Because I do! It’s just the type of hat for a windy day like this. It stays on my head and won’t easily blow away. An added plus is it was a handmade gift from a friend. Woot! I have some of the most creative friends:)

Skirts and dresses are my favorite but it’s nice to just wear a pair of jeans, they are my choice garment for an adventure. In fact this outfit makes me want to go sailing! With my scarf and little hat I feel up to the challenge!

Blustery Day

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