27. That’s how old I am today. I’m not really sure when that happened, it seemed like I was just 24 yesterday. It’s not that I feel old or anything, just surprised I’m facing my late 20’s. Less and less do I find that I am the youngest one in the room. It’s not bad, just different.¬† For the record I don’t believe in feeling old. We all might age but how we feel is a choice. I choose to always remain youthful while gaining wisdom from my years. Those two things can totally go together! Stay positive!

This has been a pretty laid back birthday. I spent most of my day doing nothing and reading manga. (Which is one of my favorite  things to do. Woot!) Then the Mister and I grabbed take-out and are gearing up to play some video games. (Another one of my favorite things to do. Double Woot!) I like a big bash once in a while but I also love these low key celebrations. No big fuss, just a down to earth, super comfy, at home, special day.




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  • January 28, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    Love the laid back days! Happy birthday again!


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